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Stride Envy
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Battle Technique Camp

Battle Technique Camp offers players the opportunity to build confidence while battling for pucks. We have developed this battle technique system to teach players how to properly use their bodies effectively and safely in the course of battle. With the massive increase in head injuries in the game, we feel this camp will help enlighten players and make them aware of how to compete and use there bodies in a safe manner.

When you think of battle and checking, the first thing that comes to mind is body checking. Body checking is just one form of checking along with fore-checking, back checking, and stick checking. All of these forms of checking are used to regain possession of the puck and in no way are they used to hurt people.



  • Forward Edge Control
  • Backward Edge Control
  • Stride Development System
  • Crossover Series (aka Acceleration series)
  • Transition series (turns and take offs)

Battle Assets

  • Legs
  • Butt
  • Eyes
  • Stick
  • Arms
  • Shoulders


Board Play

Stick Checking

Body Checking