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European Defense Camp

European Defense Camp is a not defensemen only camp. This camp is formulated around the only Defensive Skating System in the industry and was formulated and used by only three professional skating coaches in the business, including Adam Nicholas. This system is like no other skating system, out there and Stride Envy provides the most innovative techniques in the sport today.

At the European Defense Camp, we also work on puck possession and stickhandling. Forwards and defenseman alike will learn how to defend properly and efficiently against the opposition. Both types of players will maximize their puck handling skills in the defensive, neutral and offensive zones.





1 on 1's, 2 on 2's, 2 on 1's and 3 on 2's

D to D passes (defensive zone, neutral zone, and offensive zone)

Offensive blue work

GAP control

How to join the rush

Puck retrieval