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Stride Envy
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"Stride Envy has by far the top instructional/development program in the state of Maine....and it rivals anything you can get in New Hampshire or Massachusetts. If you think it is about a specific drill, it is not. Others can copy drills and try the same stuff. What Stride Envy is about is an unending, passionate search for the best, most dynamic hockey training techniques and the instruction and delivery of those techniques with equal passion. The reason I love the "Earn Your Swagger" tagline, is because it so perfectly represents the Stride Envy DNA. When I hear the tagline I think "Never mail it in....Earn Your Swagger"..that is Stride Envy."

- Mike Kelley (Parent)

"Hi Adam,

"The year before I got drafted in the NHL is when I met Adam. He came to one of my practices with the Lewiston MAINEiacs right after Christmas and really opened my eyes to a lot of skating tactics that have really helped my game. I wish I learned his Defensive skating system at a younger age."

- Eric Gelinas (New Jersey Devils, NHL)

"Stride Envy put me through drills that I have never done before in my hockey career. Adam was right there by my side showing me how to perform these drills perfectly. Learning from Adam has made my transition from Midget AAA to the Major Junior level much easier."

- Pierre Durepos (Saint John Seadogs QMJHL)

"Most people do not realize how well you need to be able to skate and use your edges to make it to the next level. Stride Envy helped me with those little things that got me where I am today. But, at the same time, we were having fun while learning it. Thanks."

- Colt Steele (New Hampshire Junior Monarchs)